Member Clubs

Chapel Hill Country Club/Ridgewood (CHCCR)

103 Lancaster Drive 

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

8 Lane, 25 Meter Pool

Team Mascot: Shark

Team Colors: navy, pink, white

Suit:  TYR Phoenix Splice Navy and White

Parent Rep Kristen Carmouche, Meredith Fitch


TEST = Chapel Hill Tennis Club (TCST) + Exchange/Sunset Creek (EXSC)

Tennis Club

403 Westbrook Drive  Carrboro, NC 27510

8 Lane, 25 Meter Pool

Team Mascot: Arctic Storm

Team Colors: Royal Blue White and Yellow

Suit: Speedo Laser Sticks in Blue

Parent Rep   Millie Barritt

Exchange/Sunset Creek

401 Umstead Road  Chapel Hill, NC 

Parent Rep Celeste Cantrell


The Farm/Meadowmont (FarmY)

1 Alice Ingram Circle

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

10 Lane, 25 Meter Pool

Team Mascot: Animals

Team  Colors: cow print

Parent Rep Julie Jennings 


Heritage Hills/Homestead Aquatic Center (H3AC)

621 Yorktown Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27516

8 Lanes, 25 Meter Pool

Team Mascot: Hurricanes

Swim Team Swimsuit:  Speedo Angles in Green

Parent Rep  Tiki Gwynne,  Jenny Jones, Billy Kim 


Hillsborough Sportsplex (HSP)

101 Meadowlands Drive

Hillsborough, NC 27278

10 Lanes, 25 Yard Pool

Team Mascot:  Hammerheads

Team Colors Blue and Black

Suit: Speedo Launch Splice Blue and Black

Parent Rep  Celine Stinnett, Robyn Czar, Brittany Blake


Hollow Rock/Stoneridge (HRST)

5100 Erwin Road

Durham, NC 27707

8 Lanes, 25 Meter Pool

Team Mascot: Piranhas

Swim Team Swimsuit:  Speedo's Rhythm Ripples in blue/green

Parent Rep Heidi Hennink-Kaminski  Susan Roux  Sarah Milford-Beland


Southern Village/Governor's Club (SVGC)

(including Governor's Club, Governor's Village, Governor's Park, the Preserve, and Southern Village Club.​)

601 Brookgreen Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27516

8 Lane, 25 Yard Pool

Team Mascot: Stingrays

Team Colors: Purple and Black

Suit: Speedo Deep Within Purple

Parent Rep Tess Wesley, Lisa Engel Maiorana


 Briar Chapel (BC)

1600 Briar Chapel Pwky

Chapel Hill, NC

Pool: 8 Lanes 25 yards

Team Mascot:  Barracudas

Team Colors:  Orange and Blue

Suit: TYR Phoenix Splice Orange and Blue

Parent Reps Kelly Kirk  Tori Hinde