2015 Swim Meet Dates & Results!
Sat June 6
TCST @ FARMY; SVGC @ HRST; BC 149--HSP 451; CHCCR 355 -EXSC 313

Wed June 10
TCST 420 - EXSC 228; HRST 283 --H3AC 393; FARMY 508 --BC 160; CHCCR @SVGC

Wed June 17
CHCCR349 --H3AC 328; EXSC 314 --HSP 360; HRST 354 --TCST 312

Sat June 20

Wed June 24
SVGC 435 --TCST 218; FARMY498 --CHCCR 213; HSP 261 --H3AC 408; HRST 321.5 --EXSC 356.5

Sat June 27
BC 262 --HRST 393; TCST 201 --CHCCR 456; SVGC@HSP; H3AC@FARMY

Wed July 1
make-up date BC @SVGC

Wed July 8

Sat July 11 -
make up date

Fri July 17 and Sat July 18 CHAMPS!

Chapel Hill Summer Swim League is a seasonal recreational league run by volunteers. The purpose of the Chapel Hill Summer Swim League is to sponsor organized age group swimming competition during the summer for teams comprised of swimmers from the league's member clubs. It is the philosophy of the CHSSL to allow maximum participation in swimming competition in an environment that encourages and teaches:
1. Improvement of swimming skills in an enjoyable atmosphere
2. Understanding that healthy competiton is fun and that good
sportsmanship is emphasized
3. Contact, team spirit, and friendship among swimmers of all skill levels

The guiding principle of the league is that the best interests of the swimmers competing are paramount.Officials in all CHSSL sanctioned meets should be knowledgeable about the Chapel Hill Summer Swim League Bylaws. While CHSSL generally applies USS guidelines and rules, it is the league's philosophy that these swim meets are held for the children first for fun and second to determine a winner. Winning should always be secondary to good sportsmanship. The best interest of the swimmers involved is the top priority.